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Invest in the future of dining out

menumiz™ seeks investment and partnership with those who believe in change and adaptation of AI technologies.

The future is claimed by those who hasten to embrace it

We have worked diligently to develop a robust solution for the hospitality industry to overcome its challenges. We technically prolong the life span of F&B outlets by to sustaining a higher profit margin rate. By harnessing the AI technologies, we keep businesses running and help more people keep their jobs secure.

A Fast Growing Business

The Market

Australia has 85000 F&B outlets generating $45 billion revenue per annum

The Problem

Foodservice businesses have very low profit margin, resulting in 60% of the new outlets shutting down within a year

The solution

We increase their profit margin and help them sustain their business by increasing their revenue and reducing their operational costs.

menumiz USP

The unique selling proposition (USP) of menumiz™ lies in its B2B2C model, which directly involves end users (diners) in the POS process. This innovative approach allows restaurants and cafes to easily and reliably implement their loyalty schemes. Moreover, it elevates the dining experience by providing services that go beyond mere food ordering, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

However, being a fully digital POS enables easy integration of AI technologies into the system. This allows AI to adjust prices, suggest menus, and analyze sales reports for improved business management

menumiz team , Kuala Lumpur